Robert Doran

President Infinity Wealth Management, Financial Advisor & Registered Principal

Infinity Wealth Group
45 Morgan Drive
Wantage, NJ 07461

Bob grew up in Cupsaw Lake area of RingwoodNew Jersey where he spent a great deal of time outdoors enjoying the lakes and woods.  He became involved in scouting and earned the award of Eagle Scout .  In 1984 he graduated from St. John's University with a BS in Business and Athletic Administration and accepted a job offer from IBM.

During his ten years with IBM, Bob received a great deal of training and experience in the financial services arena.  During this time he became licensed and registered in securities and life insurance.  He rose through the ranks at IBM to become a financial analyst for the Tri-State region in the Financial Planning and Measurements Department.  Bob was responsible for managing a 52 million dollar budget on a monthly basis.  His ultimate goal was to manage IBM's mutual funds or retirement fund.  However, as a means of reducing cost, IBM decided to contract out various areas of their business, including the management of these funds.  That decision altered Bob's goal, but fortunately he had a contingency plan.  While working for IBM, he began working as a licensed independent financial advisor, building his own business.  Becoming frustrated with corporate finance, Bob decided he wasn't going to seek another position within IBM and chose, instead, to focus on what he enjoys the most; working with people and money.

Having personally witnessed large amounts of downsizing, re-engineering, and layoffs not only at IBM, but at other corporations as well, Bob decided to specialize in the retirement planning field.  Realizing that the majority of people don't have the time nor the knowledge about their previous company's retirement plans, Bob helps his clients to transfer their accounts into their own individual retirement accounts (IRA's).  This allows them more flexibility and control over their investments and, in turn, their future. 

In addition to being a retirement planning specialist, Bob works in all areas of financial planning, helping his clients reach their financial goals.  He enjoys sharing the financial "tools" and strategies that can be used to help maximize income, minimize taxes, and ultimately maintain the wealth clients have accumulated using a plan they are comfortable with.

Bob has been working in the financial services field since 1992 as an independent financial advisor, licensed registered securities representative and principal.  As a principal he is responsible for the training and supervision of registered representatives in his branch office.  Bob is also licensed in insurance to help clients with their life, health, and long-term care needs.  

Bob and his wife Irene have resided in WantageNJ since 2000.  They have three daughters and two beautiful granddaughters.

In addition to helping his clients provide for their future, charitable giving is also an important goal of Bob's.  In 2006, Bob joined the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society TEAM in Training Northern NJ Chapter in order to raise awareness and raise funds to support the society's endeavors by "Riding For a Cure".  On June 4th of that same year he completed a 100 mile bicycle ride around Lake Tahoe.

In 2007, Bob joined in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis and participated in the 20th anniversary MS Bicycle Tour covering 100 miles in two days in beautiful Morris County.  Bob has participated in this event several times since 2007.



  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society TEAM in Training Northern NJ Chapter - Riding For a Cure
  • Sussex-Wantage Soccer League youth soccer coach
  • St. Monica's Church, Wantage, finance committee member
  • St. Joseph's Church, West Milford, financial consultant
  • High Point High School, West Milford High School, and SussexCounty Community College - Instructor of adult school financial courses


Bicycling, hiking, motorcycling, and skiing





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