Irene Doran

Operations Manager & Client Services Associate

Infinity Wealth Group
45 Morgan Drive
Wantage, NJ 07461

Irene graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1983 with a BS in Systems, Planning & Management.  She had worked in the Bell system for 13 years as a member of technical staff starting in Whippany, NJ at Western Electric then Bell Communications Research in Morristown and Livingston after the Bell system break up in 1984 and completed her corporate tenure at Lucent Technologies, Liberty Corner, NJ in 1997.  During many of those year Irene has performed system & operations testing and support, some software development, technical writing and operating system administration.  After taking some time off to be with her children, she began spending more time helping Bob while he built his business as an independent financial advisor.  Irene now serves as technical support and office manager for Infninity Wealth Management, LLC DBA Infinity Wealth Group.

Phone (973) 875-5052